Join us at Clemson University for a spectacular weekend of ringing chords, music education, fellowship, and fun! Your coaching and teaching faculty is loaded with gold medals, district champs, international competitors, and many of the best educators in barbershop. It’s a weekend jam-packed with barbershop singing, making friends, and having a blast!

  • Intensive coaching for your quartet or chorus
  • Music & performance classroom instruction by a top notch faculty
  • An amazing Saturday nigh show featuring RIPTIDE
  • A golf tournament, ice cream social, and a pizza party
  • Tags & impromptu quartet singing until the wee hours
  • Old and new friends singing together and making memories to last a lifetime

Don’t miss out! Whether you attend as a individual, with your quartet, or with a chorus, there’s something for everyone. Come experience why Lakeside Harmony Weekend has long been considered the best barbershop event in the Southeast.

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Steve Curulla is a Performance Judge and the Carolinas Contest and Judging Vice President. He has been certified in the Performance Category for seven years. He was the Convention Chairman fo the Charlotte International Convention.

A 25-year Harmony University Faculty member and Dean of the Directors College at HU for eight years, Don Campbell has 53 years of experience as a conductor, music educator, voice teacher, clinician, and coach. He earned his B.A. from Cal State Fullerton, M.A. from Cal State Fresno, and his D.M.A. from Arizona State University.

George Gipp is a Performance Judge and Coach for over four decades. He is a multi-time international quartet medalist with The Cinci Kids & Chicago Chord of Trade. An international chorus performer and coach with The Southern Gateway & Northbrook New Tradition Choruses, George earned multiple medals including championship gold with The New Tradition.

Brandon Guyton is a two-time International gold medalist (Four Voices, Crossroads). He was recently a certified Singing judge and is the director of the Sound Of Tennessee chorus in Cleveland, TN

Mark Kettner is the Musical Director for the Appalachian Express Chorus in North East Tennessee. He has been a barbershopper for over 30 years. Mark is a certified Performance Judge, as well as being former Category Specialist of the Performance Category.

Richard Lewellen is a 46-year member of BHS. He was the chorus director for the Alexandia Harmonizers. Richard won four International bronze medals as the baritone of Riptide. He is a former Category Specialist for Singing in the BHS judging system. Richard also directs the Fairfax Jubilaires, a mixed BHS chorus.

Aaron Evens is an active singing judge and coach for quartets and choruses throughout BHS. He currently serves on the music team of Music City Chorus. His undergraduate degrees are music education, jazz composition and trumpet performance from Ithaca College. His masters degree is in conducting from Central Michigan University.

Beverly Greene is a Certified Leadership Facilitator for BHS, VP-Communications for the Carolinas District, former Dean of their Leadership Academy, and previously part of the leadership faculty at HU. She has served on many advisory teams and groups within BHS. Bev holds a degree in Organization Development.

Former Society President and Hall-of-Fame member Rob Hopkins was a Music Judge and Arrangement Judge and now is an Administrative Judge. A 2022 International Senior Quartet Medalist with Aspire. He directs the Charlotte Gold Standard Chorus. He currently is the NSC Vice President for Music and Performance.

Mark Lamback is the former baritone of the three-time medalist quartet State Line Grocery. He also won the college quartet contest in 1998 singing tenor with Prime Cut. A former school chorus teacher, Mark now is the full-time minister of music at Dunwoody United Methodist Church, north of Atlanta.

Tim Reynolds is an International medalist on two different voice parts (lead of Riptide, tenor of A Mighty Wind, Category 4, and Brouhaha). He is currently a certified Singing judge and associate director of the Atlanta Vocal Project.

Michelle Little is a 34-year member of Sweet Adelines and a member of Song of Atlanta Chorus. She serves as the Music Team President and Lead Section Leader for SOA, is on the Regional Faculty in Region 14 and is an Approved Candidate Judge in the Sound category. Michelle sings lead with Martini Quartet who are the Sweet Adelines 2012 international champion quartet.

Fern Sicilia is a music educator and avid 30-year barbershopper with over 25 years’ experience teaching/coaching vocalists of all ages. A former top 20 international BHS competitor, Fern shares his passion, love, dedication, experience, and knowledge with barbershop enthusiasts eager to perfect their craft.

A former Music Judge and Faculty member in Music Theory and Arranging for Harmony/Directors College, Tom Parker is an International Senior Quartet Medalist (2022 with Aspire). Locally, Tom is the Carolinas District VP for Chapter Support and the Music VP for the NC Harmony Brigade.

Long-time barbershopper Jim Tarantino is a Carolinas District champion and a tag master of the highest order. He knows all the standards and more than enough funky ear candy to delight and challenge you all weekend.

Mike Tipton is a three-time DIX (SHD) district champion on two different voice parts. He sang lead in the 1990 champ quartet Sound Standard and baritone with the 2000 champs Overture. Most recently, he sang lead with the 2016 champs Pinstripe.

Jen Wheaton has been a member of Harmony Inc. for 26 years. She has earned 2 quartet championships, with Ringtones! in 2010 and Spot On in 2013. She is currently active in two quartets, two Harmony Inc. choruses, and is the assistant director, lead section leader, and secretary of Great River Voices chorus of BHS. Jen has been a Certified Singing Judge in Harmony Inc. since 2013.

Jeff Selano is a multi-medalist with Riptide on bass and Storm Front where he won the International Championship in 2010 on tenor. Jeff has been married for 37 years to his wife Mary and has 3 amazing children: Julian, Camille, and Annabelle. Jeff and his family have lived in Denver Colorado since 2017.

Mike Slamka is a two-time international gold medalist lead (Power Play, Crossroads). Need we say more?!

Rick Taylor is an 8-time international medalist on two different voice parts (bari of BSQ, tenor of Riptide and Old School). He is a past international level chorus director for BHS and Sweet Adelines and has coached quartets on all levels from beginners to Medalist.

A barbershopper for over 50 years, Larry Triplett is a former music teacher who has been arranging that whole time. He has directed numerous groups over the years, including the NSC senior chorus, The Carolina Statesmen, and has served on the faculty of Harmony University.

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  • Whether your quartet or chorus wants to rise in the competitive ranks or if you want more attendance and louder applause at your performances, coaching is your quickest and surest path to success. Lakeside Harmony Weekend is the place for your group to receive expert coaching. Sign up for this option and your group will be scheduled for up to three two-hour coaching sessions, each with a different member of our faculty.
  • Quartets and choruses will have one or more open sessions. You can use that time to take a class or to rest and recharge. Of the four time session time slots, quartets and choruses can choose to have up from one to three coaching sessions.
  • As part of the registration process, you’ll be asked to indicate your preferences for coaches. We’ll do our best to match you up with at least one of your choices, and more than that if possible.
  • Chorus directors, make sure all of your members register for the weekend. Remember to note your coaching preferences on the Registration form.


  • Housing is included in your registration.
    • All registrants will stay in campus housing. When you complete your registration you'll see a number of options including choosing roommates, rooming alone, preference to stay in "quiet zones" and more.
    • Dorms are double occupancy and two dorm rooms share a bathroom.
    • Twin bedding and towels not provided. Bring your own.
  • Meals are included in your registration.
    • All registrants will eat in the campus cafeteria. These include the Friday night hot dog & ice cream social, Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner on Saturday, and Sunday Breakfast. You'll want to eat dinner (on your own) before the Opening Session at 7p Friday.
    • Be sure to indicate any dietary needs or restrictions.


Lakeside Harmony Weekend includes a YIH Harmony Explosion Camp July 25-28 The teaching quartets are Full Effect (2023 BHS Next Gen Champs) and Dynasty (SAI 2023 Silver Medalist) with Debbie Cleveland as our clinician.

Visit hxlakeside.org for more information.








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A big thank you to our staff members who make Lakeside Harmony Weekend possible.

  • Jason Kekas, NSC VP of Events & LHW Project LEad
  • Jeff Osborne, NSC EVP
  • Steve Callahan, SHD VP of Events
  • Tim Reynolds, SHD VP Music & Performance
  • Rob Hopkins, NSC VP Music & Performance
  • David Murphree, SHD BMAL and Webmaster
  • Erik Lindstrom, NSC VP Marketing
  • Mike Brunson, SHD VP Marketing & Public Relations
  • Beverly Greene, NSC VP of Communications
  • Russell Bell, SHD Secretary & Registrar
  • Melissa Martin, NSC LHW Project Administrator
  • Ted Leinbach, NSC Treasurer
  • Dr. Kenneth Tice, NSC VP YIH
  • Lee Franks, SHD VP YIH
  • Dr. Michael Fitch, HX Music Educator Liaison
  • Karen Stauss, HX Camp Coordinator

If you have any questions or in need of additional information, please contact Jason Kekas at


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